Top Safety Tips for Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning London

Tips to Get Your Tenancy Deposit Back with End of Tenancy Cleaning London

About 30% of landlord-tenant disputes revolve around tenancy deposit disputes. In many cases, it is because end of tenancy cleaning has not been done in the right way prompting the landlord to hold the tenancy deposit. Many tenants ignore to engage professional end of tenancy cleaning London services which leads to much grief when a dispute arises. If you are moving out of your rental, observe these tips to guarantee the return of your tenancy deposit.

Look at the Moving in report

Fastidious landlords will always make a moving in inventory report to show the state of the house when a tenant is moving in. This report is used in inspection when moving out. The landlord must be satisfied that the house has been left in a reasonable state. Look at this report so that you know what to work on.

Minor repairs

End of tenancy cleaning can do further damage to items that are already damaged. If the stair railings are broken, have them fixed before the cleaners can go at them with scrubbers.  However, there is natural wear and tear that should not worry you. A carpet is bound to fade away. Fading is expected while staining should worry you.

Steam clean the carpet

If your carpet covers a large segment of the floor, having it spotlessly clean makes a huge visual impact. Ensure that the carpet is steam cleaned before the landlord does the final inspection. This will take away the focus from other places that might not be too good looking.


If there will be some considerable period between moving out and the end of the lease, it is advisable to fumigate the house before locking up. This is especially if you had pets. Fumigation kills pests like fleas and also kills off microorganisms like mould spores and other vermin lurking in the carpet and the upholstery.

Professional cleaning crew

Engaging a professional end of tenancy cleaning London crew is the only way of ensuring that the job is done in the right manner. The costs for hiring professional cleaners is outweighed by the tenancy deposit that you are pursuing.

The cleaning crew should be present during the inspection so that they can note areas that need working on again. This is only possible if you have a favourable cleaning agreement.

Inspection report

When the inspection is over and satisfactory, ask the landlord to sign the report and make a copy. This will come in very handy in the event of a dispute.